Vanya the Cat




24 cat years / 7 human years


Team Escapees


Fanon series


Nibbler Inn, Avinville, Thunder Province


gray fur, pink scarf, and platinum blonde hair




Anoda Town, Magaco Province, Stellia


Early LifeEdit

Vanya was captured by the Foundation at about the age of five. Life had a simple and regular routine, and life was also easy. For the whole time he was at the foundation, Vanya was considered extremely dangerous and harmful. There were many times orders were recieved to terminate him, but a reason not to was always found. After the accidental deaths of seven employees, the order was made final. About a week before the termination would have been carried out, Vanya escaped.

He was around eleven when this happened. While fleeing the agents attempting to recapture him, he discovered a pink scarf. He happened to pick it up, and the scarf itself seemed to come to life. It wound itself around his neck and stayed there. Once he escaped from Site 37, he actually had time to find a place to hide, in the forest near Anoga Town. Once hidden, he tried to remove the scarf, but to no avail. Somehow this led to him discovering he now had a gender, as previously Vanya had been gender neutral.

Eventually, after hiding in the forest for several years, he went to the city. He had a very difficult life in the city, as he didn't know how to interact with others. After a few months he was able to act somewhat normal, but still needed help to survive. Vanya met an elderly cat named Magelda who took care of him until he was seventeen, as she died several months after Vanya's birthday.

On his own again, Vanya went about life as usual, like nothing changed. Eventually he met Dietrich, during the time period in which the wolf had left the Archstemian army. They maintained contact for several months before Dietrich suddenly just seemed to disappear from the face of Forestia. Heartbroken at losing his only true friend, Vanya left Anoga Town to forget his past and ended up in Avinville, getting a job at Benn's Rest Stop.


Vanya joined Team Escapees after meeting Dietrich at the store. At the time, Dietrich didn't appear to recognise the cat. When the wolf left to find Nibbler Inn., Vanya followed and ended up meeting the whole group in the Raventrek Fields.


Vanya is very friendly and outgoing to others and is very kind, althought he isn't exactly smart. He has poor judgement and never knows when to shut up, however. He becomes extremely attatched to friends and will beg them not to leave, even if for a few minutes.


No family known.

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