Vanessa Harris the Cat
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Vital statistics
Name Vanessa Harris the Cat
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Species Gaedonic cat
Gender Female
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 Vanessa Harris the Cat is a young female cat who is Shadow 's "biggest fan." She first appears in Best of the Best when she first 'finally' finds Shadow.  


Early lifeEdit

Vanessa was raised by her parents, who were killers and trained her how to fight. Later in her life, her parents heard about a mysterious chemical being produced that could enhance one's physical capabilities.Vanessa was sent away by her parents to one of the factories working to develop a harmless version of Phaeton known as Gaeton. Their first test subject was Vanessa. For several months she fell into a coma due to gaedon's effects, but eventually woke up with the powers she has now. Her parents had abandoned her since they were tired of waiting for her to wake up, and she decided to turn her back on the criminal career that her parents decided to pursue. But unlike her parents, she wanted to be come a hero. Eventually she learned about Shadow, who was known as a "hero" with a dark past, and admired him for their similarities.


Currently, Vanessa lives freely, attempting to do good for the world while still admiring Shadow. Each day she aspires to be more like him. She is an unofficial member of Team Dark and the adoptive daughter of Shadow and Rouge.


She is very irritable and rude. She doesn't care how you treat her, like Shadow. Her personality is majorly influenced from him.



Main AbilitiesEdit

  • Unusually long claws
  • Speed and agility
  • "Morphosis" a variation of pure strength.

Character designEdit

Vanessa is a light gray she-cat with cyan eyes who wears a black t-shirt with ripped sleeves and black pants.