The Recognized are animals on Forestia that are gifted with unique powers, recognized by the Divine of Seasons, Ibby. She chose these seven because she knew a war between Discral and the Great Nations of Forestia was going to soon occur. The Recognized are only able to learn their specified magic abilities, and cannot be taught other magic abilities like most magic users on Forestia are able to. Their apprentices do not inheret the title as one of The Recognized, however they can teach others the abilities of The Recognized.

The seven chosenEdit

  1. An individual who can use his supersonic hearing to visualize and analyze sounds.
  2. An individual who can use his sense of touch to visualize and analyze objects state of being, where they've been, who they belong to, etc.
  3. An individual who can control a forbidden type of magic.
  4. An individual who can freeze the will of several other living creatures at the same time.
  5. An individual who can bend light matter and create openings throughout the timeline, through teleportation.
  6.  An individual with strength greater than that of one with Pure Strength Lv. 5
  7. An individual who can purify the soul of anyone he wishes.

Lavender and KiraEdit

Ibby was first unaware of the existance of Kira, mistakenly giving the gift to not Sonic the Cat's first child, but his second, Lavender. When she had found out about Kira, she had no choice but to forge power upon Kira aswell. Kira's sense is by touch, to see the state or past of an object or person. And Lavender, can see by sound, adding on to her extra sensitive sense of hearing that her parents have commented on many times.

Non-STC CharactersEdit

  • Lucia Terma is the only daughter of the Scifilus fighter, Lindaar Terma, and the third chosen of The Recognized. She is able to use Red Thunder, a forbidden magic created by Kurohima himself.
  • Osega OrangeStripes VII is OrangeStripes's only son, and the most powerful of The Recognized. However, he lacks devotion and is very incapable of following orders. He is able to freeze the will of any other living creature.
  • Star Meeks is the holder of the Country Genre in the Dream world. She is able to refract and bend light to create wormholes and other forms of teleportation, throughout the timeline.
  • Stars [LastNameHerePlz] is one of the cousins of the rogue warrior Lightning [LastNameHerePlz] who fought against several foes in a competition to claim her place as Queen of the Elements. Stars has immense physical strength and is able to lift a sword heavier than one with Pure Strength Lv. 5 would be able.
  • Boths Archstemina is the only heir to the Archstemina Throne that is not a son or daughter of Nibbles, the God of Death. He is able to purify the soul and heart of anyone he chooses, removing all negative emotion from them and removing their will to fight.