Tamma and Rose






Parents - Sonic the Cat , Amy Rose the Cat

Siblings - Lavender Rose the Cat,Valentina the Cat (sisters, Flash the Cat (brother)

Tamma and Rose are the two second youngest in Sonic and Amy's family. They are not twins, but born at the same time. 



Although Tamma and Rose aren't "twins", as stated above they were born at the same time. Rose wasn't supposed to even exist, but she did - and it caused her to be underdeveloped and Tamma overdeveloped. Tamma and Rose 


Tamma is devious like her brother Flash. She often tries to be a daredevil, and nearly gets in trouble every day. Other than her trickster like attitude, she's a soft sleeper. She get's along with Flash very well, and is closer to him than anyone else. Tamma often feels neglected by her parents, who worry about Rose and Ace more than her.

Rose is underdeveloped and kind of stupid. She get's confused easily and screws up a lot. Rose is kind of "The Derp." She's extremely sensitive and emotional, and when others point out her disabilities she becomes upset and defensive.


Mother - Amy Rose the Cat

Father - Sonic the Cat

Brothers - Flash the Cat , Ace the Cat

Sisters - Lavender Rose the Cat , Valentina the Cat

Half-Sister - Kira the Cat

Main abilitiesEdit

  • Flying (wings)