You may have meant Aden James (modern STC)

Sonic the Cat
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(formerly) Sonic Sacramento Cheese James
(currently) Sonic Sacramento James




Cis male (he/him pronouns)


Phaetonic cat


Panromantic Pansexual

Sonic James is the protagonist of Ask Sonic the Cat and Friends. He is an arrogant, yet pathetic, hero who is the nemesis of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He is more commonly known as Classic Sonic. Sonic is the original concept for Aden James, before his personality was more developed. Eventually it was decide to simply make them separate characters entirely!


Sonic is an obnoxious, cocky, arrogant cat who pretends he knows what he's doing but in reality is completely clueless. He acts full of himself, but in reality is self-conscious and is only giving off a self-centered front to try to convince himself he's worth something. He's really shy about admitting his feelings to anything, and covers it with tsundere style anger. He gets annoyed easily and has little to no patience for anything whatsoever.

Depiction in the seriesEdit


There's literally no point to it, but Sonic has this weird deal where he's gotta bring cheese into every conversation. Need a random word? Cheese. So, how about that cheese? He also claimed to have had some kind of emotional relationship with cheese, rooting to his middle name being it.

Comic Sans MSEdit

Sonic's handwriting is the font Comic Sans MS, and his text, and everything in his life. His birth certificate is written in the font, as well.


Abu is an unusual phenomenon that became a running gag on the ask blog. Whether its a form of Sonic or a separate character entirely is unknown.



Sonic claims he's not a very good artist, but when it's shown it's very similar to the actual character's style - therefor his art was extremely realistic. His artistic talent is passed down to his daughter Lavender, who enjoys painting and sketching.


Sonic is also talented with music, he can sing and play the guitar, but he doesn't do it as much as he used to.



Sonic has horrible hydrophobia. This is a play on a cats natural fear of water. He can't swim, either, and acts as if he has some sort of water allergy.


Sonic is afraid of possums due to the incident with Lectar. He won't go near them and shudders at the thought of them. He agknowledges it as a form of racism but doesn't have anything against them, is just geniunely afraid.