Redfield Town




Thunder Province

Redfield Town is the city Avinville is adjacent too, and was formerly a part of.

Redfield Town (Note: This is an edit of an edited photo of Shibuya, which Redfield Town is modeled after)

It is the city with the second largest shopping district on the planet of Forestia. After several hudreds of years existing as only a small town then suddenly expanding to become one of the biggest cities in New Stellia, it's name remained "Redfield Town" rather than being changed to "Redfield City". Despite being called a town, it is a city.


Redfield Town was founded at the formation of Stellia after the civil war in Angelon. At first it was nothing but a small village where STC-Time Avinville is, but eventually it grew to become a colossal shopping city when the OSC was founded and they created their first OSC Mall in Redfield Town.