Oliver the Coati
Oliver Mince
Vital statistics
Name Oliver
Nicknames Ollie (Sonic and Vanelle), Ol (Vanelle)
Age 20 years old
Birthday  ???
Species Coati, cat/human (The Batter)
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Catchphrase ???
First appearance Failure Chapter: 05 Expansion
Role Player
Oliver Mince is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Cat series. He and Vanelle are the other two players in the game created by Pitch the Cat, introduced in Failure Chapter: 05 Expansion. Even so, Oliver does not join the game until Oliver Chapter: 01 Family. His parents are killed in the Humanist Revolution in Failure Chapter: 12 The End, and Pitch offers him a chance to live too if he helps Sonic in the timeloop. Oliver is the prime Forestia copy of The Batter, making him a god.


Oliver was born in Redfield Town, the city not far from the village. Growing up, Oliver always wanted to play baseball, and his father taught him at an early age. However, Oliver was always too shy to actually play with anyone but his dad. He always wanted to do that. When he was around seven, he broke his right arm badly, rendering him incapable of pitching anymore. He could still hit the ball fairly well, so he and his dad played regularily. As a young adult he suffered from social anxiety, and once again, he never actually played the game with anyone. When he was 18, he moved to Avinville, deciding he'd rather live in a close knit community rather than a big city.

A few months before he turned 20, Oliver took up reading crime and mystery books and decided he wanted to become a detective. He did a lot of research and learned a great deal about detective work. Although he is not a certified detective, Oliver prides himself on his skills, and is actually rather good at what he does.


Oliver is energetic, playful, and loves talking and spending time with people. He's comedic and punny like Sonic, and likes seeing others smile. Although, in other situations, he can be very serious and monotoned, and can't stand seeing those he cares about suffer and will bite back if necessary. He can be bashful and get flustered easily (especially around Vanelle) and really sweet.


Parents - Currently unnamed

Siblings - Unknown

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  • Plot twist. He's a god.