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Moving Forward is the second to last story arc in the Sonic the Cat blog series. It is what happened in Midbranch after Sonic and Tails moved to Avinville, from Sally and Cosmo's POVs.


A few years have passed since Sonic the Cat and his fox-cat friend have moved away from their hometown, Midbranch. Little do they know, they left a tangled path of broken hearts and secrets behind. When Sally sees an ad for housing in a small village, she and Cosmo hope they can leave the memories behind...


Sonic the Cat: Moving Forward

written by FKandFriends & AFluffySock


-Kira was bullied at school

-Cosmo is scared because nobody can see her


-Kira says she wants to move < Cosmo talks about Avinville -Sally breaks all business ties

The Quest:

-Sally finds ad in newspaper for housing in Avinville

-Kira sees ad < Kira runs away and kills someone

-Cosmo and Sally find Kira and bring her home

-They move to Avinville


-Sally meets Pitch < Pitch can see Cosmo

-Sally finds out Sonic lives in Avinville

Critical Choice:

-Kira confesses to Pitch that she murdered < Sally overhears and runs away


-Sally runs into Sonic in the woods < He asks why she's there

-Cosmo finds out Tails lives in Avinville < He can't see her

Reversal: -

Sally tells Sonic she's visiting a friend < Yells at him crying 

-Cosmo attempts to make herself visible to Tails


-Sally's relieved from the feelings she's held inside

-Cosmo decides if Tails can't see her, he doesn't care and isn't worth it



  • Moving Forward is the only Sonic the Cat blog story arc comic to have a legit gorey scene, not including the spin off Team Escapees.

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