Map of avinville text
Map of Avinville.


New Stellia


Thunder Province

Avinville is the village Sonic the Cat takes place in. It is a village that used to be a part of Redfield Town in the Thunder Province of New Stellia.

Community lotsEdit

Benn's RestEdit

A convenience store owned by Benn Tachibana.

Milk and RiceEdit

A Shisuise resturaunt.

The Firewood DenEdit

A female clothing store.

Spines and ParchmentEdit

A book store.

Blank Woods LoungeEdit

A coffee shop on Avin St.


A supermarket.

The ClinicEdit

A small medical center, also an undercover Phaeton research center.

Bolts and WheelsEdit

A hardware store.

Nibbler Inn.Edit

A small hotel near the clinic that was founded by a Nibist. There are many rumors surrounding  this hotel.

Gift ShopEdit

The Gift Shop is in northern Avinville, it is also an ordinary gift shop store.

Sweet SlurpingEdit

Sweet Slurping is a smoothie, ice cream and shaved ice parlor in the center of Avinville.

Candii Inc.Edit

Candii Inc. is a candy sweet shop across from Sweet Slurping.

Arts and AntiquesEdit

An antique shop.

Serpent DinerEdit

A family resturaunt.

Dust and BroomEdit

Magic shop owned by Freya .

The MarketplaceEdit

Open on Fridays. Often held with vendors.


A wine/liquor store.

Byte ResourcesEdit

A computer store.

Killer Intensity ExpertsEdit

A gas station.


A laundromat.

Kalloway ScreeningEdit

A theatre.


A pharmacy.


A department store.